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residential asset maintenance

With over 60 year’s experience building and renovating some of Melbourne’s most elite real estate, there wasn’t much that surprised the team at Kleev Homes. Though over this time, we kept finding our clients in the same situation over and over again. That is, always performing an expensive repair that could have been stopped before it occurred with the correct preventative action.


After seeing this happen too many times we decided to set about providing a service that allows us to create and implement a customised asset management plan to protect your largest asset, your home. With our experience building award winning architectural homes and our team of experienced tradespeople, we are launching Kleev Homes – Domestic Asset Management.


We have created a system that breaks down your home into well over 1000 individual parts, each with its own degradation timeline and recommended service intervals  –  then combining this information with each homes micro environmental requirements we create and implement a customised domestic asset management plan.


Every home is different, from macro environmental issues of salinity levels of bayside homes down to mirco environmental issues of footing issues caused by trees around the home; we take a strategic approach to your domestic asset and its individual requirements. We then create and implement the types of preventative actions required to keep your asset in ‘as new’ condition.

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