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Helping contribute to a greener environment

Kleev Homes is an active member of the Master Builders Green Living program. We are aware that sustainability is of growing significance for consumers, and can work directly with you to offer you the latest developments and opportunities for cost effective sustainable living.

We can help you harness the natural elements of sunlight, shade, air movement and rain to enable you to contribute to a greener environment, while bringing comfort and economic benefits for your home. Green products and initiatives such as solar panels, rainwater tanks and the 6 Star standard all contribute to a greener environment, as do considerations such as your building materials and how well these materials absorb, store and release heat. Many of these considerations need not cost any more than standard construction and leads to significant energy and cost savings in the long term.

By working with Kleev Homes Pty Ltd you can keep waste to a minimum before, during and also importantly, after your building project.

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